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Apr, 2018

Baseball Patch

You all will be receiving one patch that MUST be attached to your players uniform no later than Saturday April 14th before your child is dropped off for the parade. Please see the directions below.


The Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth patch must be affixed to the upper left sleeve of the uniform jersey.  The patch should be centered, 2” above the bottom seam of the sleeve (see the attached picture).  Coaches will put their patch in the same location.

1.     To iron on the patches, first warm up the iron for 5 minutes (unless it is a rapid heat iron) on a medium (wool) setting (or higher if possible without scorching the fabric). The iron must be hot enough to melt the glue.

2.     Then position the patch where you want it to permanently be with the glue side against the fabric.

3.     Press the iron firmly to the patch and hold for 10 seconds as a test. It usually takes 20-25 seconds to fully melt the glue, but irons vary, so be careful and don't burn or melt the fabric. If the glue isn't fully melted or if you handle the patch while the patch is still warm, the patch may start to come off the fabric. If this happens, iron it on again. To prevent burning of the polyester, or patches and to get better adhesion: First, position the patch in the desired location. Then turn the material inside out and iron through the material against the underside of the patch. This allows you to see areas where the glue was not fully contacting with the material, get better heating and overall a better application. The patches should stay on much better. Also washing in delicate, or hand wash and lying flat, or clothes line to dry helps.

4.     You MUST let the Patch set for a few minutes until it is cool before you handle it.

Thank you all! Have a great week of fun filled ball!

RoJeana Hudson

DYBL Uniform Manager