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DYBL’s Refund  
       Policy 2021 01

     When a player is registered with DYBL, but later needs to withdraw, the refund is not automatic. The DYBL Refund Policy requires you to requests a refund of fees by filling out and submitting the form below to the President of DYBL
-Fall Season

  There will be no refunds approved for fall ball.

-Spring Season-

* If the player withdraws before the date of Player Evaluations Event (even if the player is in a non-evaluation division), the entire registration fee will be approved for a refund.

* If the player withdraws at any later date, the refund request will NOT be approved.

* Refunds will only be given in the amount of the registration fee.

* The fundraiser fee is NOT part of the registration fee.

* The fundraising fee must be paid in full before a request for a refund can be considered.

* Once the refund is approved the treasure will refund payment within two to three weeks in the form of a check.


 Baseball/Softball Player Refund Request


Name of player being withdrawn_________________________________________________________

DYBL Division_______________________________________________________________________

Parent or guardian name requesting the refund______________________________________________

Contact number_______________________________________________________________________

Mailing address to which DYBL should send the refund________________________________________



 Registration request:      Approved    Denied  

 President’s Signature___________________________________________
 Date: _________________________


Remitted by: __________________________________________________  

Check # __________ Amount $__________ Date:____________________