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                                                 DYBL Play-Up/Down                  
Policy 2018 01

A parent or legal guardian who wishes his/her child to play in a DYBL division higher than the player would normally play, may fill out and submit the form provided below to the President of DYBL at [email protected] before the evaluation day. The player must attend the evaluations of the requested division. If the player’s evaluation score falls in the top 40 % of all players evaluated in the requested division, the Executive Board will consider your request. Any request to play-up will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be treated as an exception to normal player assignment policy. (Example: A player who is 12 years old may be considered for move up to the 13-14-year-old age division.  A child who is 11 years of age may NOT move up to play in the 13-14-year-old age division, as moving up more than one age group is not allowed.) Once the request is approved, the player must remain in that division and will not be allowed to move back down for the remainder of that season, to include any all-star play. By signing and submitting the form below, as the parent(s) or legal guardian, you are acknowledging the potential danger and accepting responsibility for any injuries suffered by the player.

A player may not participate in a division below his/her age group (move down) except under circumstances of physical or mental impairment. Such circumstances should be emailed to [email protected] or turned into the President of DYBL. Once supporting medical documentation is received, it will be reviewed by the board. All request to play down will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be treated as an exception to normal player assignment policy.  



Request and Consent Form to Play Up

Guidelines: Playing up a division is defined as a player playing in a higher division then what their age would assign them to. Such request requires that this consent form be filled out and submitted to the President of DYBL by the parent/guardian of the player for consideration.


Consent: I, ____________________________, request and give consent for my child, ____________________________ to play up in the ________________ Division.  I do understand the inherent risks of playing up an age division, as the players at that level are likely to be more skillful in the fundamentals of baseball/softball.

By signing this Consent Form, I certify that I will not hold the Denbigh Youth Baseball League liable for any injuries or damages my child suffers while playing in the higher age group.  I will assume full responsibility for all injuries or damages that may occur to my child because of such inherent risk associated with playing up in a higher age division.


Parent or Guardian’s Signature: _________________________________   Date: _____________

Parent or Guardian’s Printed Name: _______________________________



President’s Signature: _________________________________              Date: _____________


Approved      Denied